DC 19V 4.73A 89.87W Power Supply for DeskPi Super6C

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This power adapter is designed to provide reliable and efficient power support. With a wide input voltage range (100 to 240 volts), it is suitable for power standards in different regions globally. It supports a frequency of 50/60 hertz, accommodating various power grid conditions.

Featuring a maximum input current of 2.0 amperes, the adapter meets high power demands while ensuring efficient energy utilization through an intelligent power management system. The output voltage remains stable at 19 volts, with a maximum output current of 4.73 amperes, resulting in a total power output of 89.87 watts. This makes it suitable for a range of devices, including electronics with higher power requirements or devices with substantial charging needs.

The multi-functional design of this power adapter not only considers international voltage variations but also prioritizes energy efficiency and device compatibility. With high quality, stability, and safety features, it is an ideal choice for fulfilling diverse power requirements.

Package Includes

1x 19V 4.73A Power Supply(We will send the power supply to the corresponding country)