Getting Start - How to boot from USB SSD/HDD?

After initial Raspberry Pi Configuration and once you have Internet Connectivity established, Install the DeskPi Pro Utilities from Open a Terminal / Console and run the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo rpi-update

When complete, run:

sudo reboot

Upon reboot, open Terminal again:

sudo raspi-config
  • go to Advanced Options
  • Select Boot Order, select #1 USB Boot, Return to Advanced Options,
  • Select Boot Loader Version, choose Latest Version
  • Save & exit

Reboot again (to restart with new settings)

sudo reboot

After reboot, re-open Terminal again

sudo -E rpi-eeprom-config --edit

• Do not change anything, it is unnecessary • press Ctrl-X to save, answer Y to overwrite file.

sudo reboot    

Now you are ready to install Raspberry-OS onto your USB Boot Device. You can use the Raspberry Imager from  website. Depending on device the new SD Card Copier can transfer the SD-Card image to the USB Device (ensure you select generate a new UUID). Once your USB drive is imaged & ready to boot, shutdown your Deskpi-Pro, remove the SD-Card and power-up to boot from the USB Boot drive, once running & configured you can install your additional software and proceed as usual.